About Irene Marsh

The Extraordinary Works of Irene Marsh
The works of Irene Marsh are sold exclusively through us, The Bath Gallery. Over the fifteen years that we have been dealing with her we have established an extensive collection of these wonderful paintings.
As well as selling the original works of art we also publish her images in a variety of sizes as both open and limited editions.
With twenty four spectacular images of The City of Bath to choose from, at prices starting at £20, there is something for everyone.
If you would like to see any more work, please come and visit us just around the corner on Bridge Street (opposite the Victoria Art Gallery)
Bath is not an easy subject.
To truly depict the sheer quirkiness of the place an artist needs a very acute eye and a highly developed technique. Nobody can paint Bath (especially in the rain) like Irene Marsh. Irene’s super-real, meticulous, watercolours are, like the City of Bath itself,
famous all over the world. Quality like this is not easy to achieve. Producing, at most a square inch a day, a major work can take her months to finish.
While the rest of us sit at home dreaming of hot weather, Irene hopes for torrential rain.
She says:
“I want my work to show life as it is today, right down to the last puddle. I love the reflections you see on traffic, paintwork and windows but most of all I love old, wet paving stones.”